VIntage Mermaid Society is my little spot beneath the sun. You will find beautiful fabric blocks for sale and many other interesting tidbits.


Vintage Mermaid Society is my little spot beneath the sun. I am all about fantasy, especially mermaids. My philosophy: keep calm and be a mermaid.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Vintage Mermaid Society long time no "sea"!  I feel sad that I have neglected you, my favorite blog. 

I have been so busy.  You know it takes a lot of time to keep the ocean floors clean;) with all the garbage you humans dump on me/us.  Sometimes, it is hard being a mermaid.  You don't know whether to swim or go blind.  My I am full of it this evening.

Just finished a wonderful dinner and am relaxing on my puter.  Making mischief is what I love to do.  I am just a fun loving mermaid that loves to cause tidal waves, but in a good way.

Now that my stomach is full, my kitties are fed OMG I just remembered dishes, well heck, they can wait til morning.  I am too distracted to turn on the dishwasher.

I am about ready to nestle down into my comfy blanket (seaweed of course) and watch some television.  That is, if I can find something not depressing - then don't watch the news!  I would rather bury my head under a rock. 

Well, I must dash away.  Think I just saw a handsome merman go by.  Off for now..splash.........................