VIntage Mermaid Society is my little spot beneath the sun. You will find beautiful fabric blocks for sale and many other interesting tidbits.


Vintage Mermaid Society is my little spot beneath the sun. I am all about fantasy, especially mermaids. My philosophy: keep calm and be a mermaid.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Well, I had to take a short leave from The Society.  Now, while I was gone, I think the mermaids got lazy.  Where are all the mermaids?  Are you down under? Do you come up for air? Is it mating season or what? Let's get some action going on over here at The Vintage Mermaid Society!!!!!!!!!  Come on girls and guys(if you have a fin) let's get it on!

Is everyone ready for the big holiday?  Got your coral all decorated?  I am ready, sipping on hot chocolate as I type this blog, and the lights are down low.  The fire is crackling and the Christmas lights are twinkling.  Ah, so  cozy.  My favorite tide OH I mean time of the year.  The hustle and bustle is behind me now.  I can relax and enjoy.  Well, I do have some last minute baking to do, sauces and dips to make.  I do so enjoy the festivities.  With all of this going on, I have managed to play and make some mermaids.  What fun.  I don't feel complete without a paintbrush in one hand and a mermaid in the other.

This mermaid has to go to bed.  I have been burning my candle at both fins no ends!  Sea ya soon. Splash.................................