VIntage Mermaid Society is my little spot beneath the sun. You will find beautiful fabric blocks for sale and many other interesting tidbits.


Vintage Mermaid Society is my little spot beneath the sun. I am all about fantasy, especially mermaids. My philosophy: keep calm and be a mermaid.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


FABRIC BLOCK PRINTS is the name of my new website.  This website is going to be my baby!  Fabric Block Prints is not yet 24 hours hold.  I am working my little fins off at Fabric Block Prints to make it lovely for you.  You can find some of our fabric blocks for sale in our fabric blocks web store.

Fabric Block Prints are what we sell.  All of our Fabric Block Prints are designed with love and printed hot off the press as you order your fabric blocks.  We have hundreds of fabric block prints to yet list.  Listing is time consuming and so it will be a few weeks before you will see all of our fabric block prints for sale.

We are very proud of our fabric block prints.  We offer a variety of fabric block prints.  We offer mermaid fabric block prints.  Many of the fabric blocks designed with mermaids are from actual vintage mermaid pictures, some of which date back to the 15th century.

Our fairy fabric block prints are quite beautiful.  These, too are designed with vintage fairy pictures.

We also offer fabric block prints with sexy vintage mermen.  Well, I can't really say sexy - but virile and muscular.  They are interesting to say the least.

Mermaid children fabric block prints are our most popular.  We offer some of the cutest merbabies you will ever see, with darling eyes and faces.

I want to mention our custom fabric block prints.  We can take any of your pictures and put them onto fabric.  Let us help you make lasting heirlooms with your most cherished pictures made into fabric block prints.  I am doing some in just a few minutes for a customer whose 4-year-old granddaughter drew some "art" on paper.  She wants me to make several fabric block prints for herself and to make as gifts for family.  So many pretties can be made with fabric block prints.

Don't forget to visit us for all of your fabric block prints.  We have a great variety (once we get them all listed, although we have some very pretty ones now in our Fabric Blocks/Web Store).