VIntage Mermaid Society is my little spot beneath the sun. You will find beautiful fabric blocks for sale and many other interesting tidbits.


Vintage Mermaid Society is my little spot beneath the sun. I am all about fantasy, especially mermaids. My philosophy: keep calm and be a mermaid.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This is experimental for me.  I have a new website and I have added Vintage Mermaid Society as my blog there.  I am writing this article to see if it will update with this content on my website.

Fabric block quilting blocks are my latest business venture.  I have a store on my website:  Any crafters who use fabric block quilting blocks should visit this website.  I have probably listed about 55 fabric block quilting blocks and have hundreds more to list.  I have also listed my etsy store - thevintagemermaidcom on this same fabric block website.

I have been taught by a professional manufacturer how to print fabric block quilting blocks.  I am very blessed to have met this person who so graciously shared priceless information with me.  Without them, there would probably be no fabric block quilting blocks business for me.

Our fabric block quilting blocks are printed on 100% cotton fabric.  Each fabric block is inspected after printing.  We offer quality fabric block quilting blocks to you.  The colors are stedfast and will not bleed when washed.  We do send care instructions with each purchase.

Our quilt block designs are many.  You will find some very rare images on our quilt block designs.  Some of our finest quilt block designs are printed with vintage mermaid pictures from vintage mermaid postcards, vintage mermaid advertisements, art nouveau mermaids, and Edwardian paintings to name a few.  Then there are our designer quilt block designs.  These are straight from my imagination and some are total digital makeovers that make the quilt block designs legally ours.  We offer our own Wilde Child Mermaid quilt block designs for your fabric block quilting block crafty needs.  These are very colorful and liked children and teens.  My grandaughter is quite an artist and will soon be offering her own line of quilt block designs.

We enjoy ever aspect of this business from fabric block designs to printing fabric block quilting blocks. That is the key to any successful business:  you must enjoy what you do.  If you are in a business for the money alone, that is not satisfactory.  We put a lot of love in our fabric blocks.

Lastly, we print heirloom fabric blocks.  That is, we will take your favorite, most cherished pictures and print them onto fabric for you.  There is a minimal extra charge.  We look forward to doing business with you!