VIntage Mermaid Society is my little spot beneath the sun. You will find beautiful fabric blocks for sale and many other interesting tidbits.


Vintage Mermaid Society is my little spot beneath the sun. I am all about fantasy, especially mermaids. My philosophy: keep calm and be a mermaid.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hi.  It is me again with a little extra time on my hands.  So, I meandered to Vintage Mermaid Society and decided to post about  DIY fabric block tote bags.  This article is for those who are new to crafting with fabric blocks.  The rest of you know what to do.

Newbies:  First of all, you will need fabric blocks for your tote/s.  :) is where you will find darling BABY MERMAIDS-MERBABIES FABRIC BLOCKS, vintage mermaid fabric blocks, fairy fabric blocks and I have many more designs to list.  So, start there and see what you find.  Once you have your fabric block,  you will need a tote bag.  I was lucky to find wholesale tote bags locally.  In case you don't have that luxury, use Google.  I found some sites that sell tote bags for around $2.50.  If you want to make them to sell, then finding them wholesale is a must.  If you only want to make a few or one for yourself, then you can pay more.

Now we have a tote bag and mermaid-merbaby fabric block?  I might mention my fabric blocks are not printed on cheap, flimsy cotton.  I use quality 100 percent treated cotton - treated to not bleed when washed and my colors do not look faded - but vivid.  I have had a few people complain about fabric blocks they purchased that looked dull and washed out.  I do offer a money back guarantee. So, when you finish your DIY fabric block tote bag, you will have a quality quilt fabric block as the main attraction.

Next, you will need either a good no-sew glue and there are some good ones at Michael's Arts and Crafts or A. C. Moore.  You can opt to use fusible webbing if you like - this is my preference.  It is so easy to use - no mess.  Ask any clerk in one of the above craft stores, and they will tell you in 20 words or less, how to use fusible webbing.

So, you adhere the quilt fabric block to the tote bag and you are left with a 1/4" raw seam around the entire fabric block.  This seam is for those who want to sew their fabric blocks onto something - perhaps use it on a quilt.  I use lace or tiny cording and glue that around my fabric block.  Now comes the fun part.  I love bling baby bling.  I use flatback Swarovski rhinestones as bubbles, vintage jewelry, sand - yes sand from the craft store, crushed shells, and anything but the kitchen sink on my fabric blocks.  You will need a good glue to keep  these embellishments intact.

Last, but not least, I use some of the same embellishments on the straps.  You can't leave them naked!  Voila!  You are now finished with your DIY fabric block tote bag.  That was fun.

Okay, girls, ladies, and mermaids.  I am off to rest.  I will be back soon with more crafting tips for quilt fabric blocks.